MNIT Share is a project benefiting from the financial support of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund that aims at promoting two of the most valuable Romanian collections form the patrimony of the MNIT, relevant for the history of Transylvania: The “Ion Mușlea” Collection of Transylvanian Icons Painted on Glass and the “Alexandru Lapedatu” Personal Fund. Both collections reunite items that once belonged to first-rank personalities of Romanian culture, pioneers of systematic scientific research, school founders, personalities who have played a major part in the preservation and promotion of national cultural patrimony. Mainly active during the Interwar Period, Ion Mușlea and Alexandru Lapedatu had decisive contributions to the institutional uniformization and reformation on scientific basis of Romanian research in the field of patrimony.

The database of these two collections is a webpage with themed collection catalogues, with visual material of the best quality accompanied by technical and scientific data for each cultural good. The information is thus structured as to satisfy the requirements of both the general public and of specialists. Besides promoting the two pilot-collections, we equally aim to make transparent all the activities that took place before the virtual display of the cultural goods. Stages such as preventive conservation, stabilization, curative conservation, and physical and chemical analyses and investigations are little known to the public in general, but they lay at the basis of any initiative in the field of patrimony valorization. These complex and costly activities are approached through this project from a twofold perspective: that of specialists, experts in conservation/restoration and that of the public who most often supports financially the initiatives aimed at preserving cultural goods.




  • Ioana Gruiță
  • Diana Iegar
  • Andrea Demjén
  • Ioana Cova
  • Márta Guttmann


  • Satu Mare County Museum
  • Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania in Cluj-Napoca
  • The Association of Conservators and Restorers from Romania
  • Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca


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