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F1 The Last Supper
F2 The Resurrection surrounded by the 12 Great Feasts
F3 The Dormition of the Virgin
F4 The Virgin with Christ child (Pantanassa)
F5 The Table of Heaven
F6 Saint Nicholas
F7 Jesus Christ Pantokrator
F8 The Ascension
F9 The Nativity of Christ
F10 The Virgin Eleousa
F11 The Nativity of Christ
F12 The Annunciation
F13 The Last Supper
F14 The Holy Trinity
F15 Saint Parascheva
F16 The Lamentation of Christ
F17 Saint Parascheva
F18 The Virgin with Christ child / Hodighitria
F19 Jesus Christ the Grapevine
F20 The Virgin Eleousa
F21 The Crowned Virgin (Eleousa)
F22 The Virgin with Child / Hodighitria
F23 Saint Parascheva
F24 Archangels Michael and Gabriel
F25 The Nativity of Christ
F26 Saint John the Baptist
F27 The Crucifixion
F28 Saints Emperor Constantine and Empress Helen
F30 The Annunciation
F31 Saint Nicholas
F32 Saint Nicholas
F33 Myrrhbearers Sunday
F34 Jesus Christ the Grapevine
F29 The Pentecost
F35 Saint Phocas and Saint Mary Magdalene
F36 The Crowned Virgin (Eleousa)
F37 The Entombment of Christ
F38 Saint George
F39 Jesus Christ Pantokrator
F40 Saints Archangels Michael and Gabriel
F41 Lamenting Virgin Mary
F42 The Resurrection of Christ, with the 12 Great Feasts
F279 Saint Prophet Elijah
F280 The Entombment of Christ
F281 Adam and Eve
F282 Adam and Eve
F283 Saint Demetrios and Saint George
F284 The Four Evangelists
F285 Lamenting Virgin Mary
F286 Saints Apostles Peter and Paul